A Day After The Spray – Gopher Dunes

2 Days- in this case…

So, I wanted to do a proper intro piece before I wrote this one, but I didn’t. This has now become the intro and the first part of the series. Here’s the full introduction!

This season I will be following MX101 Racing as they take on the Triple Crown Series. As we all know, these are strange times. Things are starting to get back to normal but it’s slow going. The Goal of this project is to provide some weekly updates and at the end of the year have one final piece to display. The content will be mainly photography and some of my ramblings but trust me the photos will make up for it!

Saturday morning – Gopher Dunes.

Tonight’s installment is Gopher Dunes. There’s a lot of different reactions to that name. In my experience, no one likes going to Gopher Dunes. Why? It’s a gnarly sand track and it’s somehow always hot. This year with racing moving to a 3 moto format, its just another 25 minutes of racing. Being the season opening round this year, Gopher Dunes was poised to be a rude awakening for some riders.

Saturday – Moto 1

The First weekend of racing is always a big test. No matter how much you train and prepare, check every nut and bolt, engine mappings and suspension setups. It all flies out the window when the gate drops. The team gets smaller, now its you and the mechanic- if you’re lucky enough to have one. Even then, your mechanic can’t do that much for you. Now it’s every rider for himself for the next 25 minutes.

Saturday – Morning practice

When I left for Gopher Dunes I was super excited to get all this started. I got my usual sunburns and 2 solid days of walking. I knew I wouldn’t have any idea how I wanted to produce this. The first race sets up the story line for the season, sets the tone. This race had a very interesting tone. To very briefly describe the MX1 races – Dylan Wright blew everyone’s doors off. He had lapped well into the top 10 in at least one moto.

Saturday Moto 1 – The other 450 riders view at the dunes, the big #9

MX2 is a class full of good riders, there’s no “gate fillers”, every postion is earned on the track in MX2. Jess Pettis put in 3 very strong moto’s but had other riders on his heels. This outdoor season is only 5 rounds, every race counts even more. This year consistency and perfection will be in the highest demand.

Saturday – Morning practice. Jess Pettis made it clear he was going for a title this year

MX101 made a pretty solid start to the year with 3rd, 6th, 19th and 24th place finishes. Of course you simply cant go to Gopher Dunes with out someone blowing up a bike and someone’s always going to fall. I’m not going to say much more, I’ll save that for the end of the year!