A Day After The Spray – Walton Round One

It wasn’t really supposed to rain Saturday night…

So, looking back at the first race weekend at Walton – Dylan Wright is on fire. Rain, we really didn’t think it would rain and even if it did rain, it wasn’t supposed to rain that much. We know how that worked out.

– Dylan Wright went undefeated again at Walton, the other riders didn’t make it easy for Wright but he remains a perfect, 6 wins in 6 motos – Scary
-Marco Cannella put in another three solid moto’s at Walton for another third overall. The bar in the 250 class is being set by Jess Pettis but that gap is getting closed.

The Real heroes of Walton this time out were the mechanics – on every team. The thick mud was caked on deep in the bikes and so much time went into getting the bikes cleaned up- it doesn’t leave much time to do any repairs you might need to do before the next moto.

– It works pretty good… for the first two laps. Also, smells great, if you know, you know.

– As someone so perfectly said, “motocross is an outdoor sport’ yes. Yes it is.

-Race bikes and practice bikes needed to be prepped. With the conditions the way they were for the first moto, bikes are expected to explode.
– All Hands on deck, time is very limited between races

There’s always a lot more to add but we’re going to save that for later, Don’t worry it will be worth the wait. Lets take a look at how it broke down for the MX101 riders this weekend

Marco “consistency” Cannella – 3rd overall
Hayden Halstead 6th overall
Jamie Powell 10th overall
Austin Jones 22nd overall