Walton 2015/ Joey Crown /Canadian MX nationals.

Consider this first instalment a test. What I wanted to do, was look back on some of my personal favourites. Some of the photos that might need some background to understand. The first photo and its supporting evidence, guess who? Joey Crown.

Walton 2015 was a big race for me. Walton is a big track, its spread out. Long sweepers, elevation changes, big step up, big whoops. Walton has what I’ve been told is “farm dirt” – Which means sometimes you see pieces of brick on the track. The last crucial piece of information about Walton, it hosts an amateur week. Joey Crown was racing Walton all week, as an intermediate rider. So why not try to qualify for the pro race?

I wanted to find a spot on the track where I could catch Crown and Benoit (KTM #1, background) in the same frame. It was the 2nd moto and the clock was running down. Both riders had dropped the pack, both riders fell twice. Benoit was the last to fall, giving the lead back to Crown, very late in the race. This photo is taken a lap or 2 after that fall. Crown is just coming back up a hill – Benoit and the big red #1 plate not far behind. The race would end a lap or two later with Crown taking the moto win.

The technical aspects of the photo, nothing crazy. This photo stands out to me because I know the story. After the race when asked about his crashes, Crown said he put his glove on wrong. He lost his glove in the fall and when he rushed to get it back on, he put 2 fingers in one finger hole. Somehow. Then proceeds to win the moto with his glove on wrong… somehow.

After the race Crown was congratulated by Jean Sebastien Roy, 5x Canadian national champion (2001-2005) and KTM team boss. This pictured below, along with him getting the checkered flag at the end of the moto.