Brief overview of Image/PR service. Please contact for more information, most services are custom to clients.

Service is tailor towards teams and riders but can be configured to any application.

Image service

  • High quality photos for use on all channels
  • Personnel photos
  • Tailored images for sponsors
  • Video production for use on all channels
  • Custom content

Written Service

  • Press releases 
  • Web writing
  • Caption writing for social channels
  • News letters
  • Article / column / opinion writing

PR Service 

  • Media management (rider / personnel availability to media- interviews)
  • Press conferences
  • Media outreach 
  • Sponsorship outreach 
  • Brand management (ensuring continuity across channels, engagement on channels)
  • Social media posting and scheduling 
  • Platform building

Creative Service 

Starting and running custom campaigns to meet and exceed client goals

Working to create original and engaging content to promote team and sponsors. – Vlogs / Themed days on socials ( Ex, “tech tip Tuesdays”)

Animated posts for social media 

Channel creation (YouTube/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/website/Spotify)

Custom Content Examples

Instagram swipe. One image split over 2 frames. seamless layout on the app. This has been laid out for presentation.
Collage version of the Instagram swipe layout. Image is screen captured and laid out for display purpose.
Social media graphic example – This was used as part of “Settled Dust”

Social media post that was used to promote “Settled Dust”
Animated version of the post that appeared on Instagram.
Graphic used as part of “Settled Dust” example of a social media graphic.
Event poster/social graphic created for the “Roost Report” Instagram