This is a collection of some of my graphic and written works. Of course, my photography is featured on the home page but I will include some links. Projects are in no particular order, newer stuff will be towards the bottom of the page. Some of the projects collected here are featured on the site ( Settled Dust, Manual Focus).

Editorial photography portfolio – – A collection of my favourite editorial photos, spanning from roughly 2010 to present.

“Settled Dust” – This project focuses on a condensed, covid affected 2020 Triple Crown Series. The project covers the MX101 team and their racing and prep for each round.

“Manual Focus” – – The working title for a series. The premise was to take a more in depth look at some of my old photos, ones that have a bit of a back story.

The Roost Report – 2017 to present, a brief history. For the last five years I have been running the Roost Report, this started as a means to self publish and shine some additional light on amature and pro motocross in Canada. The Roost Report at the moment exists on Facebook, Instagram and this year, Substack. Stay tuned (literally) for the twitch page coming soon.

Not featured on this page were the weekly Spotify playlists, each Monday of a race week, a post would go out asking for song suggestions and by Thursday a playlist was released with songs loosely based on the next round featured in the playlist. This was a great way to drive some extra post interaction each week.

Instagram swipe. One image split over 2 frames. seamless layout on the app. This has been laid out for presentation.
Collage version of the Instagram swipe layout. Image is screen captured and laid out for display purpose.
Social media graphic example – This was used as part of “Settled Dust”

Social media post that was used to promote “Settled Dust”
Animated version of the post that appeared on Instagram.
Graphic used as part of “Settled Dust” example of a social media graphic.
Event poster/social graphic created for the “Roost Report” Instagram

Below are examples of some of the materials produced for the MX101 team. A sample press release from round six and seven, followed by examples of instagram weekend recap posts

If I had of know what Canva was last summer, this would look very different.

The examples below are Instagram slides before they are split for posting on the platform. Below is the typical graphics package for a weekend, one panel for each class and one for sponsors. Note these panels are not from the same weekend, they are a random collection from 2021. Second note – photos were supplied for the posts,

Below is the first graphic I created for the season, a personal post for a rider.